Forms Live Partners with VaultRE to save Victorian Agents even more time

Forms Live Partners with VaultRE to save Victorian Agents even more time

Customers of VaultRE in Victoria will now find it even easier to execute forms and contracts with the integration of Forms Live.

Forms Live is a new initiative from Dynamic Methods, Australia’s most established and trusted provider of forms and legal documents to the real estate industry. VaultRE clients can now access 35 separate forms and contracts for listing, selling, auctions and property management in Victoria covering the latest state legislation. 

Forms Live gives Victorian agents an affordable new option that offers significant time savings and productivity benefits by removing the need to upload and download forms or worry about changes to legislation.

Until now, Victorian agents have been forced to engage in a time consuming process of uploading forms, filling them in, and then downloading completed forms and sending via email where they have often been printed off, copied and then sent back. This results in multiple versions and the need to copy information from one form to another or manually save files into the right place. 

Using Forms Live, forms and contracts can now be filled in online and signed on glass in minutes using DocuSign, automatically linking to their record in VaultRE. 

Forms Live is a great fit for VaultRE as real estate’s most seamless technology solution. 

Using Forms Live, agents and property managers can push data straight through from VaultRE and minimise the time they spend doing paperwork.

All contracts in the Forms Live system are regularly monitored by Victorian legal powerhouse, Collins Biggers & Paisley and are updated as legislation changes.  

Customers of VaultRE can receive a free two-week trial to test Forms Live which allows you to try all the forms and contracts within the system. Pricing starts from $499 per annum including GST.