How to do boring better with Forms Live

How to do boring better with Forms Live

Work would be pretty good if wasn’t for the boring bits.

Bits like entering info into forms.

And not just any info, but the same info… over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over…

Ok, let’s get real here… boring, repetitive information is actually essential, basic, repeatable information that needs to be in your forms and agreements.  However, if you want to do boring better, you need Forms Live  – your form and agreement creation tool.


Within Forms Live, you have the ability to set up default templates. Then, when you create a form (from a particular template) all of the essential, basic repeatable information is populated in your form.

How unboring! (And time saving).


Managing Authority template: you could add the ‘Management Fees’ and ‘Other fees’ applicable (don’t want to make any mistakes there), add your preferred terms and include an attachment detailing your agencies preferred methods of contact or portal access details.

Contract template: you could pre-populate your ‘trust account details’ and ‘preferred deposit amount’, and you wouldn’t want to forget your ‘special conditions regarding agent commission’ details.

Can you feel the boring being lifted from your shoulders?

Another benefit of setting up templates within Forms Live is that every agent in your agency can use the same template and default information. (No more late night messages from one of your agents asking, “What’s the wording of our commission clause?”)

Creating a templates is exactly the same as setting up a form.

When it comes to creating a form from a template, you simply select your desired template and click the Create Form button.

A dialog box will appear, and that’s where you enter the form name.

Your form, with all the default information, is now ready to be completed in the usual manner.


Possibly even… exciting!

As always, details on how to create templates or use Forms Live are available in our online help guide here: