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full mobile functionality
a smoother user experience
improved Docusign integration
a new sidebar toolbox
the SecureXchange integration
comprehensive help guide & videos

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User friendly layout

You’ll love the simplified layout, improved visibility and portability.


The form options have been simplified into a series of drop-down boxes, options (such as duplicating, editing, deleting, and more) have been reorganised, into a simpler and more straightforward system.


Coloured icons are now available on the forms page, quickly alerting you to the status of signatures, utility offers, shares, and more – keeping you in the know within just a glance.

New look sidebar

The side bar can be found within forms, acting as a toolbox of sortsproviding easy access to a form’s relevant information as well as integrations specific to certain forms. .

Status History

You now have access to the status history of the form, including the date it was created all the way to the date it was signed.

Improved DocuSign

The improved DocuSign integration, enables you to edit signee details and resend, making the signature process even easier. DocuSign is free to use on all Residential Rental Agreements.

SecureXchange integration

We have added a new integration with Securexchange, which enables you to safely request bank details and deposits from clients. With Securexchange, you can request deposits, both remotely when using mobile view.

Improved performance

Forms Live’s menu options have been reorganised, you will now navigate with a simpler and more straightforward system of dropdown boxes.


You will have an easier time using the DocuSign integration, which is in-built within the side bar and allows for the editing and resending of signee details.

Mobile Accessibility

With mobile view, you can open a form to see the status history, the signing status (with option to edit the contact details and resend) or view any attached forms.

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