8 features you should expect in your digital forms

8 features you should expect in your digital forms

What makes a form truly digital? A great digital form platform does more than just provide you with the ability to create and share PDFs. Here we look at all the features you should expect that will save you valuable time and money. 

  1. Automatic legislation updates
    One of the greatest risks as a real estate agent or property manager is having clients sign up to contracts that are out of date. This can expose you to hefty fines plus other punitive action. You want to rest easy knowing that if legislation or regulations change, your digital forms will be immediately updated to reflect the new rules and obligations without you having to do anything. Forms Live uses Victoria’s pre-eminent property lawyers Collin Biggers & Paisley to stay on top of legal changes. All forms are updated automatically whenever changes are necessary. 
  1. Electronic signatures and signing available immediately
    Connecting your digital forms to an electronic signature platform such as DocuSign should be easy and instant. You want to be able to send and receive signed forms straight out of the box. 

    Forms Live not only comes with a DocuSign licence connected to your account, but it also has the ability to sign on screen, remote signing and sign tabs available across all forms and contracts. 
  1. Ability to create templates and customise forms
    You want your forms to reflect your own agency branding including your colours and logos, and if you have specific terms and conditions, you don’t want to be constantly editing. Creating a template once and then making it available to everyone in your agency who needs to use it will both save you significant time, and ensure consistency.

    And by having the ability to create editable annexures or special conditions, you’ll be able to quickly add additional terms without the need to attach awkward PDFs or attachments. 
  1. Full form history and tracking
    Version control is important when filling in contracts. Even though a form is digital, you need to see who has opened the contract, what they have filled in if they have had issues or have stopped anywhere, and what is outstanding, or an alert when a contract has been signed and completed. Forms Live has full form history and tracking allowing you to see who has touched the form at any stage, its status and any changes made. Plus you can review and print out the form at different stages of completion to present as evidence which can be valuable in tribunal hearings. 

    Activity tracking of remote forms – such as forms that have been electronically signed – is also part of the package. This means there’s no need to log into DocuSign directly. All information comes back into Forms Live including DocuSigns Certificate of Completion showing you the who, what and where of each of the parties who have signed. 
  1. All official documentation in one place
    While PDFs may seem convenient, if you’re constantly attaching PDFs as part of your paperwork, it makes it impossible to track the history or use of the form, creates issues with edition control, and if the PDF is really large, it can also stop the email arriving. It also means you need to save the PDF off your email and file it after the transaction is completed

    Forms Live solves these problems by ensuring annexures and file attachments added to forms as a single document. This means all of your documentation can be found in one central place, all usage can be tracked and your email will not be blocked due to file size restrictions. 
  1. What you see is what you get
    There’s nothing worse than completing a form and once it is sent or printed, you see something that looks different. With Forms Live the forms and contracts you see on the screen look exactly like they will print out or appear as a PDF which includes your branding appearing as you expect. 
  1. Integration with multiple CRMS
    Your digital forms provider should be connected to your CRM and able to quickly and easily pull through your data so that you do not have to re-key and enter the information you already have on file. But should you change CRM provider, you don’t want the extra hassle of having to change over your forms at the same time. Forms Live is integrated with seven of the most popular  CRMs – with more on the way – meaning your forms will remain the same even if you change how you operate. 
  1. Ability to manage users within your account
    Life can be hectic in a real estate office. You’re often bringing on new staff or job roles change. Forms Live allows administrator access so you can quickly add or remove staff from your forms account, giving you full control over who can see your account.