Why digital forms are an important early step to technology adoption for agents

Why digital forms are an important early step to technology adoption for agents

Embracing technology inside your real estate business can feel overwhelming. There is so much ‘proptech’ out there, where do you even start? And how do you make sure everything you adopt works together and makes life genuinely easier?

Once you have a good CRM working in your business that you are happy with, adopting a centralised digital forms platform can be an important second step. Here’s why:

1. Digital forms make your CRM more powerful

Digital forms are connected to your CRM allowing you to quickly push information into forms and contracts. The forms you create are also stored as records against each contact’s name and address. When set up correctly therefore, digital forms are providing your CRM with important additional information that demonstrates the depth of your relationship with that client or contact. Looking up a client inside your CRM immediately gives you access to all the forms and contracts they have ever been sent and/or signed – ie: a full history of your relationship with them. 

2. Digital forms can power up other platforms 

Many proptech platforms out there support agents to move information from one step to the next within real estate transactions. Having a centralised source of contracts and forms is essential in these platforms – they act as the petrol that fuels the car. If documents have to be created manually and uploaded each time, it’s the equivalent to owning a Porsche, but needing to get out and push it to drive. You won’t get anywhere near the benefits or efficiencies of adopting the tech in the first place. 

3. Digital forms are easy – and your staff will love them

Getting your team on board when you adopt new technology can be one of the hardest things to do as a leader as most people are resistant to change and worry about getting out of their depth. But you can build their confidence by doing a proven technique known as ‘nudging’ – by encouraging them to stretch just a little bit from their comfort zone and having a win. Using a digital form is just an easy next step from using your CRM, but the results can be enormous which can be a powerful way to motivate your team.  

4. Digital forms can act as triggers to the next action

The submission of a form, or the receipt of a signed contract is not just a signal to a human that something has been done – it can also be a digital trigger that can set off a whole new workflow. When you install digital forms as a central part of your business, you’ll be able to connect it to a host of automations that reduce the manual work and admin that your team need to do on a daily basis and deliver more efficient and effective service to your clients.